Best Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement is all about improving sexual performance and enjoyment in the bedroom. It’s not about a bigger penis (although that might be an added bonus with some of the products described below). These pills are there to assist with the quality and durability of our erections, our sexual stamina, our sex drive (libido) and the quality of our orgasms. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering which are the best male enhancement pills, and we’re going to tell you.

Not only will having these aspects of our performance enhanced have major benefits for us, they will also help us to ensure that our sex partners are satisfied. We all want to be thought of as great – or at least really good – lovers.

What Led to Male Enhancement Pill Development?


Development of male enhancement pills arose from a variety of sexual performance issues men reported.

The issues that many men have experienced – and if we’re honest, it’s most of us at some time or other – are weak erections, a penis that goes soft too soon, low libido or an inability to keep going during sex. These are all separate from premature ejaculation, which is another area of difficulty.

Men seem to experience increased pressure when it comes to sex these days. There are a number of possible reasons for this. One is that graphic sex is found in many movies, so there is more pressure on men to be able to perform and satisfy lovers the way Hollywood studs appear to do. Also, women are far more informed about their own bodies and sex, and many are increasingly confident about asking for what they want. All of these issues erode some men’s confidence and this can result in real problems with being able to get and maintain and erection and satisfy a lover.

The overall question becomes, “Am I a good lover who gives and gets satisfaction in the bedroom?” Many of us get stressed out about our erections. Are they big and hard enough? Do I stay hard long enough to satisfy my partner? Can I go on making love or do I run out of steam too quickly? How can I increase my libido so that I want to make love more often? These sorts of issues are, we are told, addressed by enhancement products.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work

No matter whether they’re aimed at enhancement or enlargement, pills and supplements are the easiest-to-use treatment and, if they contain only natural ingredients, the safest option to boost and enhance your sex life. Generally speaking, these pills work in one of three or a combination of three different ways:

  1. When you become sexually aroused and excited, your body sends extra blood to the chambers on either side of and below the penis. The ingredients in these pills lead to an increased blood flow to the area.

The blood that flows into the chambers and penile tissue causes an increase in size and makes the tissue stiffen. It stands – no pun intended – to reason that if the flow of blood increases, so will the hardness and size of the erection.

  1. In addition to increasing the quantity of blood sent to the penis, these pills improve the ability of the penile tissue and the chambers to hold blood for longer. This means that your erection will last longer and you will have improved control over it.

Being able to control an erection has an added and major advantage: the orgasm you enjoy may be more intense.

Chances are that your lady will also get far greater pleasure, as women usually take longer to climax than men do. So if your erection lasts longer, her pleasure will increase, and she will have a greater chance of having an orgasm, too.

  1. Many of these pills also encourage your body to produce higher levels of testosterone. This important male hormone will increase your sexual desire, or libido. You will therefore want and be able to have intercourse more often. There is no down side to that for you or your lover, right?

Best Male Enhancement Pills

There are a huge number of enhancement products out there and they all claim to do similar things. So how do you know what advertisements and claims to believe? How do you find a pill without spending your money and a lot of time? How do you know it will work for you and not cause side effects or cost too much?

There are several popular pills on the market currently. As mentioned earlier, some pills both enlarge and enhance. However, they have been ranked here according to their effectiveness with regards to enhancement. While there are some differences from website to website, the male enhancement pills that are consistently found at or near the top of lists are the following:

  • Male Extra: male_extraThese pills offer bigger and harder erections, increased libido, improved stamina and even multiple and intense orgasms. The main ingredients in this U.K.-made product are pomegranate, niacin and L-Arginine, which is an essential amino acid. Niacin improves stamina by reducing fatigue.
  • VigRX Plus: VigRX PlusLike Male Extra, these pills also contain all-natural ingredients. The manufacturers claim that after 30 to 60 days on this product the quality of erection, the duration of the erection, stamina, intensity of orgasm and sex drive will all improve remarkably. They further indicate that their claims are supported medical trials that were conducted in the U.S. over a two-year period.
  • Pro Solution: ProSolution PlusThe manufacturers of this pill claim that their product is U.S.-doctor approved and clinically tested. These pills contain a combination of a number of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They all work to promote erection strength and duration, sexual stamina, sex drive and quality of orgasm. There is also Pro Solution Plus, which helps with standard enhancement issues and helps those who battle with premature ejaculation.
  • ExtenZe: ExtenZeLike its competitors this products only contains natural ingredients and therefore should not cause side effects. Each ingredient has apparently been selected because of its ability to lead to harder and longer-lasting erections, greatly enhanced sexual stamina and drive, more frequent erections and intense orgasms.
  • Virility Ex: Virility Ex MaleThese pills are also natural in that they contain numerous herbs and some amino acids. As with the other products, Virility Ex promises improved erections in terms of size and duration, increased stamina, greater sex drive and more intense orgasms. However, they also claim to assist with premature ejaculation.

How Do the Products Compare?

This chart is designed to help you to select the pill you want to try. While penis enlargement is not really under discussion, this has been included in the comparison.


Male Extra


VigRX Plus


Pro Solution





Virility EX


 Power Excellent  



Excellent Good Good
 Stamina Excellent Excellent Very good  



 Libido Increased  



Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Ejacula-tion control Excellent  



Good Average Average
Stronger orgasm Yes Yes  



Yes No
Clinical trials No Yes Yes  



Endorse- ment  



Yes Yes Yes Yes















Side effects Minor Minor  



Minor Minor
Guarantee and refund Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Added value products Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Erect penis size increase 2-4” / 5-10cm 2-4” / 5-10cm  

1-2” / 2.5-5cm



1-2” / 2.5-5cm



1-2” / 2.5-5cm


In addition to the benefits and advantages they are formulated to deliver, these products are made more attractive to us because they also provide a number of free, value-added products. Depending on the product, these include “better sex” guides, gels or lubricants, products to increase or boost semen production, and penis-enlargement exercise guides.

All of these giveaways are designed to work in conjunction with the pills in helping you achieve the erections, sex life and orgasms you want so that you have an extremely satisfying sex life and are really confident in the bedroom, knowing that you can give as well as receive a great deal of sexual pleasure.

Where does that leave you?

Now you have read about the selected five male enhancement products you will have noticed that in some ways they are neck-and-neck. How will you decide which one is for you?

The information here has been designed to help you look at the more successful products out there and so help you in your search for an effective male enhancement pill. However, before you rush off and place your order you need to ask yourself this important question: What am I unhappy about or having problems with? Unless you are clear about the problem AND the desired outcome, you are not going to find an appropriate solution.

How about a visit to your doctor who may be able to offer advice or guidance with regards to both the “problem” and various potential solutions? In fact, even if you select a product yourself and it is a natural or herbal one, you are strongly urged to check it with your doctor to make sure that the ingredients won’t clash with any medications you are on or cause a bad reaction.

Another option is to read men’s health magazines or surf reputable websites. Sexuality is really important, so how you deal with it must be dealt with in a serious and responsible way. You need to read and do research to find the best ways to deal with the specific problem you have and enhance your sex life!