There are a lot of websites aimed at men and they deal with a wide range of men’s interest issues such as cars, outdoor sports of various kinds including fishing, hiking, hunting, and DIY of various kinds. Some also look at men’s mental health, relationships and self improvement. There are yet others that offer clothing of various styles and men’s toiletries. And they all have their place, but there’s a serious gap and this website fills it.

Why we are different

This website fills that gap because it provides information and support to those of us who are dealing with intimate problems of various sorts including issues related to sex and sexuality.

We all get bombarded every day by advertisements, data and promos about products that claim to help those of us who are battling with the size of our penis, our sex drive, or performance challenges in the bedroom. What we need is information we can trust that will help us sort the hype from the help.

The times we live in

Let’s face it: Pressure on us men has been amped up a lot in the last few years. There is a sense that society has increasingly high expectations of us. Whether we are correct or not, we also think women want us to be muscled and well endowed, total studs in the bedroom.

It’s no coincidence that we are seeing a significant increase in the number of us who are going to the gym and working out and using bulking agents of some kind including steroids, a rise in eating disorders in boys, and a tidal wave of men’s cosmetics. All of these things reflect our desire to conform and to meet and exceed expectations in line with the pressures we feel.

These arise not only from the view of what the ‘right’ kind of body and face are but also from the proliferation of porn and the relaxation of censorship allowing a lot more graphic sex scenes in movies. Men now also feel – more than ever – the need to perform well in the bedroom. These perceptions, those of others and our own, can lead to concern, insecurity and unhappiness.

How we will help you

It’s not too hard to buy something that will make your skin softer or to restock your wardrobe. What are much harder to deal with are concerns and problems that affect that crucial body part: our penis. It can also be tough to deal with issues around erection quality and control, sex drive, stamina and various related issues. These are the areas this website provides help with.

Some men need a little private assistance with figuring out if they even have a problem and, if they do, what the nature of that problem is. Once that crucial first step is negotiated you will find information on this website to help with issues such as penis enlargement and male enhancement (erection quality and control, stamina, sex drive, etc.) We also examine relevant products for each of these challenges and compare them where appropriate so it is easier for you to make more informed decisions.

Bookmark this site today

So, if you are a man who likes to have easy access to useful information relevant to your sexual health and well-being, you’ve come to the right place. If you are a man who struggles with a problem that is awkward to talk about but you need ideas and help, you’ve come to the right place! We will continue to regularly post researched and relevant articles that discuss issues that are important to you!