How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Let’s be honest. The majority of men are pretty focused on sex and what might be – for some of us – the most important part of our body: our penis. Another reality is that a lot of men are not all that okay with the size of our member. According to, surveys put this figure as high as 45 percent. This dissatisfaction with our “manhood” can cause all sorts of problems. If you wonder how to make your penis bigger, you are not alone.

There have been numerous scientific studies done over several decades that produced findings on the average size of the human penis, both when it is flaccid and when it is erect. The results have been pretty consistent in terms of what is, in fact, average or “normal.” These studies have looked at penis length and thickness, because both of these factors may impact on a our confidence and ability to please our sexual partner.

Even though most men fit well within the normal range in terms of both length and thickness, there is an ever-increasing number of us who feel self-conscious or inadequate when it comes to the size of our penises. Why?

Perception Is Reality

Even if you are told that your penis is normal or average length and thickness, that’s not much of a comfort if you feel small or inadequate, right? And none of us want to be “average” either. There are a number of reasons why some men develop a belief that they are too small or should be bigger:


Many cultural phenomena contribute to men’s concerns about penis size.

  • Most of us try to gauge our penis size by looking down at ourselves. This gives a distorted perspective because it results in a foreshortened view. The good news is that this makes our penis look smaller than it actually is. Viewing a penis from the side or from the front will create less of a distortion.
  • We live in a time where pornography is easily available. However, while watching these movies you can lose sight of the fact that the people in them are rarely if ever chosen for their acting talent. They are there because these men are much better-endowed than the vast majority, and comparing your own penis to that of a porn star is totally unfair, unrealistic and – usually – pretty unflattering.
  • “Soft porn” sex scenes are often in mainstream movies, so men feel increased pressure to be able to perform and satisfy lovers the way Hollywood studs appear to do. Again, this is not reality but it can still make male audiences feel inadequate or lead some women to have unrealistic expectations.
  • There are a lot of articles in men’s and women’s magazines and on the Internet about what is desirable in a man and what you could or should do to satisfy your lover. All of these increase the pressure many of us feel.

All of these factors, and a few others, add up to a lot of pressure. If you feel you have a small penis you may well end up with marked low self-esteem issues. This can translate into anxiety or even depression which in turn can affect your ability to get and maintain an erection which means a second, and separate, problem has been introduced.

Conversely, if you perceive yourself as having a large penis you no doubt have much higher self-esteem when it comes to feeling like a “real” man and being confident about giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Does Size Really Matter?

tape-measureMen who believe that they have a small penis and are not good lovers or – worse still – have been told that this is the case become very anxious and may even begin to avoid situations in which they feel inadequate or vulnerable. Unfortunately some men who have got locked into thinking and feeling that they are inadequate won’t even believe a lover who tells them they aren’t; he just thinks she or he is just saying that to be kind.

As the author of “Does Penis Size Matter?” in the September 26 2015 edition of Men’s Journal states, “Penis size is among the most talked about topics in sex, which is odd, considering numerous studies and surveys show that size doesn’t seem to impact what a partner thinks and performance in bed. In other words, the length of your member isn’t hurting your sex life, but your preoccupation with it might be.” Either way, something needs to change before the situation causes problems.

If you are a man who is self-conscious and lacks confidence, you have probably become so convinced of your inadequacy that even reassurance from a partner and statistics from formal studies about normal penis size give you no comfort. Similarly, findings from studies that indicate that the vast majority of women – some report up to 85 percent – believe that size is not important are NO comfort.

If you have a penis that is smaller than average or you believe is small and is therefore causing self-esteem issues or problems in the bedroom, you may well decide you have to take action to remedy the situation. There are, fortunately, a large number of options out there to make your penis bigger.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

So, how can you make your penis bigger? First, there is penis-augmentation surgery. But that is a radical and invasive option. Strictly speaking, it’s only recommended for men who have way-below-normal penile length and circumference. For example, doctors will usually consider this in the case of a diagnosis of micropenis, a medical condition that affects an estimated 0.6 percent of men. A micropenis measures less than 7 centimeters or 2.75 inches when erect. There are, of course, plastic surgeons who will perform surgical enlargements, but these come at significant cost. In addition, like all surgery, these procedures carry risk that you should think hard about taking on.

There are a number of other, less-extreme and less-expensive methods to achieve a longer and/or a thicker penis that you could consider and investigate. In fact it’s hard to avoid all the advertisements for products that aim to improve some aspect of the penis or sexual performance; you probably have spam on the subject arriving in your email inbox every week.

Being bombarded by these ads only serves to increase men’s anxiety and confusion. There are pumps, pills, surgery, suction and other methods ranging from the sensible to the insane! With so much out there, how do you decide which penis-enlargement option is best for you?

That’s an impossible question to answer in this or any other article because each of us is different in terms of our physiology and needs. It also depends on whether it is just a case of enlargement of the penis or an increase in both size and quality of erection.

However, you can opt for one solution or a combination of two compatible methods to permanently increase penis size. For the purposes of this article, two such products will be discussed: One is an exercise program (The Penis Enlargement Bible) and the other is medication (VigRX Plus™).

Two Possible Solutions

The Penis Enlargement Bible

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

The PE Bible lays out a full program for permanent penile growth.

The first option, known as The Penis Enlargement Bible (or the PE Bible), is a natural way to enlarge a penis because it does not involve medication, surgery or the use of special equipment. What it does propose is the use of exercises and some natural supplements. It could perhaps more accurately be described as a growth rather than enlargement program as, apparently, the effects are permanent.

The creator of this program claims that the principles are based on scientific research and study. In addition, he claims that, if The Penis Enlargement Bible program is used correctly, you will have not only a permanent change but a very significant increase in penile length and width. The only tools that are needed to follow this guide and achieve these results are natural vitamin and mineral supplements, and your own hands.

The claims linked to this program are specific: an increase in penis length of between 2 and 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) and 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) in circumference. This transformation will take place after an average period of two months on the PE Bible program and exercise guide. As an additional benefit, erections are reportedly improved in terms of both strength and duration and overall sexual stamina increases.

The theory behind the program is that the supplements that are recommended restart a growth cycle that is similar to the one experienced during puberty when a boy’s member first begins to grow and thicken. The exercises don’t require any equipment or the involvement of anybody else. What is needed is patience. As the developer of the PE Bible says, healthy and permanent growth takes time.

The biology behind this program is that the chambers of the penis that hold blood need to be increased in size because the larger the chambers the more blood they hold and the larger the penis becomes. In conjunction with increasing chamber size, one needs to activate biochemical receptors in the penis. The creator of the PE Bible program is adamant that exercise alone can in fact be harmful and that chemicals are only a short-term ‘fix’. The secret is to combine them: the natural supplements stimulate the growth receptors in the penis tissue and the exercises speed up this growth.

The supplements and exercises are said to send large amounts of nutrient- and oxygen- filled blood to the penis tissue. This in turn expands the penis and, as during puberty, generates new cells or stimulates cell growth. It is this expansion and new cell growth that leads to a permanent increase in penis size.

VigRX Plus™

VigRX Plus

All-natural VigRX Plus is designed to enlarge erections and increase libido.

The second product is a tablet or pill called VigRX Plus™. It contains all-natural ingredients and is therefore said to be free of side effects. While The Penis Enlargement Bible offers a larger penis at all times and greatly improved sexual performance, this medication is said to enlarge the penis when it is erect, improve the quality of the erection, greatly enhance performance and lead to a much higher sex drive, or libido.

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus promise that after 84 days on this medication you will experience increased hardness, longer lasting erections that are easy to control and heightened and more-frequent orgasms. In other words, the main focus of this medication is improving your sexual desire, performance (erection quality and control) and the level of enjoyment rather than a longer-term and permanently larger member. These claims are reportedly backed or supported by the findings of trials or studies carried out over a period of two years.

The promoters of VigRX Plus caution that after 2 to 3 months on the medication you must continue to take it or you will return to your original state. The website promoting this product also indicates that the product has the backing of some medical doctors, in addition to the results of ongoing clinical studies.

Where Does That Leave Us?

A dizzying array of products out there are aimed at those of us who feel we have a small penis and are therefore inferior or inadequate (and all that goes with that) or who have some kind of erectile difficulty (and all the accompanying insecurity and anxiety). That leads us to the first question that needs to be asked: What am I unhappy about or having problems with? Unless you are clear about the problem AND the desired outcome or solution, you are not going to find an appropriate solution.

There is no doubt that there are a very large number of useless products out there that get unhappy, even desperate, men to throw their money away on gadgets or pills that won’t work. But how can you tell the real from the fake without wasting money and time trying them out?

The first step could perhaps be a visit to your doctor who may be able to offer advice about both the problem and potential solutions. A further option is to visit reputable, relevant websites. There is no quick way. You need to do a lot of reading and research to find the best way to deal with the specific problem you feel you have if you hope to make your penis bigger.